About Us

I am an Artist based in Canberra.

Due to my background studying in Plant Physiology, I developed a strong connection with nature and inspired by its beauty, which is expressed extensively in my work.

My interest in Visual Arts dates back to my teenage years, in my spare time I would always work with painting, photography and drawing.

In2019, I decided to extend my knowledge in Visual Arts by studying in Diploma of Visual Arts.

My expertise working mediums includes:

-      Oil Painting

-      Acrylic Painting

-      Alcohol Ink Painting

-      Watercolor Painting

-      Textured Painting

-       Resin Jewelry

-      Polymer Clay Jewelry

Please visit my gallery and contact me if you find projects that interest you. Most projects can be produced in a size that suits your requirements.  Painting your own photo from landscape or nature theme can be produced in the mediums listed above. Custom designs and commission based projects are welcome.